Thursday, April 28, 2011


I don’t know what’s wrong.

The last couple weeks I have felt so distant from God. The devils working on me… and I am exhausted with trying to fight.   

This week has been exhausting.  Monday after work, I spent the entire night doing homework for my Algebra class that was due the next day… Tuesday I took my son to the Indian’s game and even tho I had the best time ever there… we didn’t get home till after 11… and so I didn’t get to bed till after midnight… ugh.  Wednesday I left work early and met up with a classmate to study for the final we have today… after that I went to Lil Man’s school baseball practice… home for dinner and mowed my front yard while the kids ate and Lil Man did homework… then off to his Little League baseball practice.  I am exhausted. My house is a disaster. There is so much laundry that needs done… and I no clue when I am going to be able to get to any of it. Ugh. Tonight I have my final right after work… then after that I have to go to my dad’s to clean and move things around since my step mom is supposed to come home on Fruday.. Tomorrow after work I have to take Lil Man to another baseball practice… then after that two of my besties are coming over which I should be looking forward to….. but yea…  Saturday my son’s got baseball practice at 1130-1230. My daughter has a birthday party at 230. I have a Scentsy party at 300 and Lil Man’s got another baseball practice at 5pm.  OYE!! Not looking forward to my Saturday. Sunday is my stepmom’s bday and  her step mom is having a birthday party for her.. so after church we are running out there for that.    
Its gonna be a long weekend.  L

I need a nap. L

God Bless
Overthinking Mama

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  1. It does sound as if you need a need a break for just you time. The devil has his ways of creeping in our lives when things are going its best. NEVER give up on God! He doesn't bring the bad to us, we do it to ourselves. Take a you time , even if its a bubble bath, a walk around the block, or sitting down in a quite room with a cup of tea. Tell your family you just want time out for your self this weekend. Hugs!


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