Tuesday, April 19, 2011

up and down...

This past weekend was… I dunno. Up and Down I guess would be the best way to describe it.

There is something that is weighing heavy on my heart… and I really shouldn’t let this bother me because it’s so not worth it.. but it really does bother me. 

I saw a friend of mine yesterday that I haven’t hardly seen in a while… at least a few months. I have know her for a long time now..  but it seems that in the last year our friendship has become very strained.  I dunno if it was the guy I was dating at the time.. because I know she didn’t like him at all.  Or what exactly it was… but we barely saw each other and barely talked to each other… and it was both or our faults.

Anywho- I saw her yesterday and she was talking to another friend about how they had a little get together with some of their friends for her and her boyfriends anniversary.  I piped in jokingly (well only half) and said “yea thanks for inviting me” and she was just like-“ well its not like you would have come anyway you are always too busy”. WHAT ???!!! REALLY??!!  I was blown away by that comment.  

Seriously… this is coming from a chic who in the last 5 years of me having get together, birthday parties, jewelry parties, food parties, anytype of parties, cook outs, fires after dark… had came to maybe… maybe… a handful of them. BUT… In the last 5 years I have missed ONE thing… ONE… that she’s invited me to.  ONE! And that was last January. For her birthday.  She invited me to go out. And I was planning on it, but it was right after Christmas and New Years and my boyfriend at the time (we lived 3hrs apart) was here for both of those weekends and it was my turn to go there for the weekend… so I didn’t go to her birthday.  ONE time!!! 
Oh… ill take that back.. there was one other time I didn’t go… but only because she text me at 930 at night and said hey were here at XXXXX place can you come out??!! Yea.. let me just leave my kids home alone and come drink with you… NOPE sorry can’t do it.

It just really bothered me that this friendship is so one sided… apparently as I see it, if I miss ONE time going out with her, I am unreliable as a friend.  

So that just really bugged me the last few days…  And then I also got the call that my daughter didn’t pass the kindergarten assessment testing. So that put me in a down mood. L I know God has a plan for her… and obviously this isn’t in his plans yet…  but its still a bummer.

God Bless
Overthinking Mama 

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  1. Ahh that's a tough one. In my humble opinion, she should have sent you an invite. She needs to understand your kids come first! Maybe ya'll need to talk and clear the air. Unfortunately, friendships sometimes fade as you grow older. As you well know life changes all the time as friendships.
    Yea, God gives us plans and it frustrates us but we gotta believe..afterall what would we do if we didn't have faith? You're a great person, don't this get you down more than necessary. HUGS!


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