Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"The Talk"

So, the other night on our way home from the nursing home where we were visiting Nani (my step-mom), the kids started asking about puberty… I can’t really remember exactly how the subject came up, but my son (who’s 8) asked me what puberty was.  So I looked at my BF and asked if it was alright to discuss it with my son right now because his daughter was in the car with us. He said it was fine…  I mentioned I might need a little help with some of the boy stuff… since I am not a boy and don’t know exactly what all goes on with boys…
I started my mentioning that both of them will start having  hormones – which is a chemical that their brains will release to make them feel things- go thru their body.  Girls will start developing boobs and will have periods. A period is where she will bleed out of vaginal area. And of course I got the WHY?  So I explained that once a month a girl when she reaches a certain age, her body will release an egg which is one part of a baby-  the egg goes into her uterus where it waits to be fertilized by a boys semen (explained that we will get to that in a minute) . If the egg is not fertilized than the body “sheds” the lining of the uterus and the egg and that’s why a girl has her period.  Also during her period she we be very moody. Happy one minute, angry the next, crying after that… 
My boyfriend explained to Lil Man that he will start having odd feelings in his penis. That it will start “standing up” at random times and he may feel the urge to masturbate- which is where you rub the penis until a white/clear liquid comes out- semen.  I interjected here and told him that it is completely normal to do this but it should be don’t in the privacy of his bedroom with his door locked or in the bathroom with the door locked.. and it’s to be done ALONE. I also mentioned that girls masturbate too… only it’s a little different. Girls have what’s called a clitoris. It’s a little nubby thing in between the skins of where she goes pee.   And girls masturbate by rubbing it either in circular motion or up and down- which ever feels best. (my boyfriend started laughing at me at this point- I just looked at him like what??)   I then told my son that when he masturbates to make sure to clean up the liquid afterwards with a towel or napkin or something.  Some how he mentioned that it wouldn’t be good to eat the semen… that it would make someone sick…  (the bf and I giggled here too)
The BF mentioned to lil man that he will start to get hair around his penis.. His daughter stated laughing about that and we mentioned to her that she will get it too. 
I mentioned that they will also have urges to have sex. But they shouldn’t act on these urges until they are married.  I asked them if they knew what sex was? They said no. I asked them if they wanted to. They said sure.
So I said that sex happens when a boy sticks his penis inside a girl’s vagina.  The penis then squirts the semen out into the girl’s vagina and meets with the girl’s egg and that’s how a baby is made.  And it should not happen until they are married. 
Then they wanted to see how babies were born. And my son piped in that he seen his sister being born… (I think the BF thinks I am crazy for that lol)  

The kids just kept giggling thru the whole thing.  I dunno but I hope it helps and I really hope that my son doesn’t ever feel embarrassed or scared to come to me to talk about sex… I still feel awkward talking to my mom about it.  When is it too young to start talking about sex with a kid??

God Bless
Overthinking Mama

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