Wednesday, November 24, 2010

almost thanksgiving

After today, I have a 4 day weekend. I am so looking forward to that. Like you have no.idea.  I am so in need of a break. 
Tonights plans are to go to the laundry matt… my son was sick the other day. and threw up all over my mattress topper thingy.. and of course its way too big to fit into my washing machine. So I need to go and get it in a BIG washer and dryer and try and get it cleaned…  It says to just spot clean.. but who the hell wants to spot clean something that big and with that much puke. But I figured while I am at the laundry-matt ill start writing my paper that is due on Monday.  Yay.
Tomorrow the plans are to get my bro for a bit, go up to the hospital and see my step-mom  and then head to my moms for dinner.  I am still not sure what time my son is supposed to go with his dad.. waiting to hear back from him on that. ugh.  And I highly doubt my daughter’s father will even bother to try to attempt to see her for the holiday… maybe her bday on Sunday… but I am not holding my breath.
Sometime in the evening my BF and his daughter are planning on coming up, so I am looking forward to that.  And I am planning on having a T-day dinner either on Friday or Saturday. Not really sure which.  Celebrating my daughters bday with my mom and family on Friday night.. The rest of the weekend I really have no plans… maybe just watch movies and play board games with the kids… Then Sunday we are celebrating my daughter’s bday… not really sure exactly where or how… but she’s turning 4 so I am sure it will be fun.!


God Bless
Overthinking Mama

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