Monday, November 8, 2010

its monday... and ive got mixed feelings about it.

This weekend was a different one.. Not really bad per say… just a lot of obstacles. Lol.

Friday we went up to the Nursing Home my step mom got moved to (on Friday) to visit with her for a bit. It was a lot of fun. I had both of my kids and my BF and his daughter.  Other than my son being a little bit obnoxious, it was all good.  My son’s father text and asked if I would meet him half way to drop off our son. I said sure, even though it was going to be 1130 at night. (He works 2nd shift 30minutes from where I live) As soon as I got back home from doing that, I got a call from him all pissy. He wanted to know why our son was walking around with a huge hole in the toe of his shoe. So I nicely explained to him that the hole started on Monday it was way worse today because our son can not stop picking at it. He asked me why didn’t I go and get him a new pair… I told him that A) It wasn’t that bad till today and B) I am in school everyday after work, so I didn’t have a chance.  He said fine. Then he mentioned that our son doesn’t know how to clean himself in the shower. I said I have told him how, told him to use soap, told him where to clean, and to make sure that all the soap is washed a way. His reply: well every time he comes over here I have to give him a shower. I don’t want him to be the smelly kid at school.  (really?? At what point is it his responsibility as his FATHER to a SON to show him how to do something?? )  I just re-said what I previously said. And we hung up. 
Saturday was a pretty decent day.  But I got a call at 1030, my step-mom has a fever and is going to the ER. She was admitted and back in ICU. My dad didn’t make it home till 2am and my sis didn’t make it home till after 5am. Fun.
Sunday, my dad called and asked if I would come over and help him get something together for breakfast. Me and the BF had already planned on making a nice breakfast that day (as we normally do on Sunday) so we decided we will just go and do that over there.  On the way over there I get a call from my ex all pissy about the shoes again. Telling me that they are 2 sizes too small and that’s the reason why my son’s toe poked out of them… (not because he’s a boy and is hard on his shoes, or not because they are just old and needed replaced, not because he messed with the itty bitty hole for a week and make the entire sole come off… No, it’s because they are too small). So I proceeded to tell him that I didn’t know that they were too small, our son hadn’t once mentioned that they were too small or hurting his feet. His reply. Well I can just look at them and see that they are too small.  I said to him that they are the same shoes he wore over there 2 weeks ago.. you didn’t say anything then, so he grew that much in 2 weeks??!!  He said NO, he noticed it then but didn’t say anything to me about it. (really?? And what does that say about you??!!)    We got off the phone. Well actually I think I might have hung up on him… I figured turn around is fair game since when ever he gets upset over something I say, he hangs up on me.  Then a few minutes later I get a text saying if you don’t have time for our son then he should come live with me. Yea. Buddy because you have time for him… you work 2nd shift. Hhmm… so who would be raising our son if he lived with you?? Oh yea. Your wife.. who our son doesn’t care for and who our son doesn’t want to come over there because of… but yea… lets have her raise our son, because she will do oh so much of a better job at it than his REAL BLOOD MOTHER.  Then he calls back… and we go back and forth over this all again… then he finishes it by saying that I need to pay more attention to my son and my daughter… so I did the mature thing and said F you and hung up on him.   
 OH… and my daughters father text me on Saturday asking if he could have our daughter on Sunday. I said sure, no problem.  So Sunday comes along… I don’t hear anything. So at 11, I text him and say what time do you want her? We are gonna eat and then she’s all yours… NO REPLY FROM HIM… an hour and half later… I text him again.. and say, so I guess you aint getting her…  NO REPLY FROM HIM. and an hour again.. text him… NO REPLY. Finally about 230 I get a text back from him. He’s sick. He just woke up. And that’s it.  The funny thing is… Almost every single time he’s supposed to get her, He’s sick. Or his car breaks down, or he has to work, or his apartments being fumigated, or , or , or. There is always some reason why he can’t get her. 
The last time he was supposed to get her, last Tuesday… I just never hear from him all. Day. Long. (nice huh?) The time before that… hhhmm.. Maybe father’s day?!  He couldn’t get her than because going in some boating race was more important.. but he’d get her in the afternoon… but don’t ya know, the race didn’t start on time so he didn’t finish till in the evening… and of course had no signal to let me know. 
So that was the fun parts of my weekend. Lol. 
On the upside, I got to spend time with my baby girl, my bf and his daughter. J  So it was all good I guess. J

God Bless

Overthinking Mama

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