Thursday, August 26, 2010

Story Time Thursday- 5

That week went by so slow. I wanted it to be Thursday so bad. Izzy and I were going to go out karaoke-ing again and Ramon was supposed to come. 
Finally Thursday came. I emailed Ramon in the morning and asked him if he was still going to come out with us that night. He said of course. Nothing would stop him tonight.  I text Izzy and asked him again. He said yup, it was all good. I got excited!  
As soon as I got home, I started going through my closet trying to find just the right outfit. Ugh. I didn't have anything. I decided to run out to the mall. I called JoAnn and asked her if she wanted to run out to the mall with me. She said sure, so I went over and picked her up. 
Once I picked her up, I told her that I was going out singing with Izzy and that Ramon was supposed to meet us up there. She instantly got an attitude. 
"Why is Ramon going out with you? You don't like him do you. You know he's married!!" 
I just looked at her. 
"JoAnn you are the one who introduced me to him. We are just friends. I know he is married. That is a situation that I really don't want to get into. At all" 
" Are you still sleeping with Izzy?" she asked me almost jealously. 
I told her No. I hadn't slept with him in months. We had a few issues and had been able to stay friends. But that was a line that I didn't want to cross again.  
"Well you know he likes you right?" JoAnn said to me with annoyance in her voice. 
" JoAnn. We are just friends. Izzy knows that." 
I was starting to regret asking her to come shopping with me. Maybe I would had been better off just coming by myself. At least less stressed. GGRRR!! 
I finally found a cute outfit that I liked and left the mall and dropped JoAnn off. Luckily she was on the phone most of the time with her boyfriend. They were arguing over something stupid. As always.  But today I was very thankful for that. 
After I got home, I started thinking about Ramon. Ugh. I shouldn't be getting this excited to see him. Every time my phone went off, I was hoping it was him texting me and would get disappointed if it wasn't. I got butterflies just thinking about him.  This wasn't what I wanted. At least not with him and definitely not now. I was just recently divorced. I wasn't ready for this. 
I finished getting dressed and picked up Izzy. We were supposed to meet Ramon up there. He text me and said he would be a little late. I was thankful for that. I wanted to have a few drinks in me before he showed up so I wouldn't be so nervous. Ugh why was I like this. 

Ramon showed up about an hour later. I was on my 3rd drink and feeling pretty darn good.  When he walked up to the table, I just lit up.  He looked so good. And he had a big smile on his face. 
"Hey beautiful. Wow. you look great!" he said to me as he hugged me.  Man he smelled good. Not like anything I had ever smelled, not a normal cologne. I asked him what it was. 
He said it was Jamaican oils. His great grandmother was from Jamaica and when he was little she would send his dad these oils all the time. He also mentioned that he had a really hard time finding them in the states so he doesn't wear it very often. 
I got up to sing. I was nervous. The drinks didn't seem to take that edge off this time like they normally do.  I sang my favorite song, Traveling soldier by Dixie Chics. The song I always sang.  I knew it by heart.  
Afterward I went and sat down. Izzy was just shaking his head.
"damn girl. you sing good. I hate the Dixie Chics. But when you sing it I like them" I blushed a little bit. 
And of course Ramon had to pipe in. "Yea, you sang good Sally"  And then he got up and went and got us all some more drinks. 

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