Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Mama's Bday

Today is my mom's birthday. 
So I took a 1/2day off work.. We are heading up to the islands for the day as a family. This is something we do every year. The kids love going on the big ferry across the lake.. We alway bring fries of bread and feed the seagulls off the back of the ferry. 
I am looking forward to this.  I know the kids are too. 

We really don't do anything wild and exciting over at Put-n-Bay. We normally just rent a golf cart for a few hours... drive around the island. Go into a few shops.  Hang out at the park. And really just enjoy the day. 

After Put-n-Bay we will go into Sandusky and have dinner. (I really can't wait for that.. I'm starving!) 
Then after dinner.. we head back to my mom's for cake and ice cream and for her to open her bday gifts. :-) 

We do this every year... for at least the last 9 years. :-) 

Last year we did an all day cruise to the islands which was nice...  We started out in Sandusky at 8am. Boarded the ship. Went to Kelly's Island for an hour or so.. had lunch/breakfast. Walked around a bit. Boarded the ship again.. and headed to Put-n-Bay. Hung out there for a few hours... We couldnt find a golf cart, so we just did some walking around.  Then boarded the ship again.. and headed back to Sandusky and went to dinner. 
It was a great time, tho I was exhausted by the end of the trip! 


I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! I love you! 

God Bless

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