Monday, August 16, 2010

Great for bloggers!!

TI got bored and went on Cafe Press... I looked up blogging wear... I found some great things... I so want some of these...  

Oval Stickerlive laugh love then tweet about it Sticker (Oval

Bloggers Threat Bumper Sticker

I am so getting this for my son in a T-shirt!! 
mommy blog t shirt Rectangle Sticker
Speak Up Blog Bumper StickerOval Sticker
I so want to get this one for me!! 

Issues 3" Lapel Sticker (48 pk)
I am getting this for my boyfriend: lol. 
In Love With A Blogger Oval Sticker

Blog StickerBehave Yourself Bumper Sticker

When I seen this one... I thought of Midwestern Mama 
Read My Blog Rectangle Sticker
I google myselfI blog about you Rectangle StickerBlog Material Bumper Sticker

These are just a few of the ones I love. You can get it as a Tshirt, bumpersticker, bag etc.. you name it.. they can probably make it. 
So def. take a minute and check out and see some of the awesome things they have!! 

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