Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School shopping!

So I did the back to school/first day of school clothes shopping last night... It was fun.. Baby girl is such a girl!!  I took her with me to do the clothes shopping.. She picked out the cutest outfit for her first day of preschool!! 

Aint it cute!!! But it came to $50!!! I about crapped myself!!! But its her first first day of school  EVER!!!  And I am not going out and buying a whole new wardrobe for school... This will be it. lol.  

I got lil Man his clothes. I didn't have him with me cause his are simple. He has to wear a uniform.  So its just a standard outfit... nothing special to pick out... 

So simple... and his was only $33 for the outfit...  Still have to get him a few more shirts and a couple more pants and he will be good for the year.  I hope he likes the shoes.. and they fit. :-) 

So along with their school clothes shopping.. I tried to find me a bathing suit. NO SUCCESS.  I found one a Walmart.. and bought it.. but am going to return it. I don't like it enough.  I also had a $10 off $10 purchase from J.C. Penny so I picked me up 2 cute t-shirts and only had to pay $2!!! Can't beat that!!    This is one of the shirts I got. 

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