Monday, August 9, 2010

Oye is it a Monday!

Well today has started off marvelously! Happy Monday folks!!! 

So far today... I have had about 2hrs of sleep...  Drove  rode in the passenger seat for 2 1/2hrs... then came to work...  only to talk to two ex's and end up pissing both of them off... doing I am not even sure what!  

This is going to be an insanely busy week.  Tonight after work I have to run up to the college and try and get my financial aid figured out.  Got a crap ton of laundry to do... (my son cleaned his room finally... and he thinks its easier for me to wash his clothes and fold them and put them back in the laundry basket in his room for him to put away than it is for him to put the clean clothes away in the first place).   Tomorrow is our weekly mother daughter night out. We normally go shopping or something with the kids... I am thinking maybe it will be a school clothes shopping trip.  Baby girl has her orientation for preschool on Friday... I still can't believe she's going to start preschool already!!  I need to get together with my bff so our dogs can play together some...   
I am planning on coloring my hair pink this week too.. probably friday... I might chicken out tho. 
All of start school in a couple weeks.. me and baby girl on the 23rd and lil man on the 25th!  This summer has flown by... and that also means... my bf is going to be going home.. :-(  
I am really nervous about school. I haven't been since before lil man was born!! aaahh!!!  I hope I do good...  I also want to start working out... My bf had the p90x videos... So I am thinking about starting that..  

I just hope I can stick with all of this!!! 

Hope the Mondays good for you all!! 

God Bless 

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