Monday, August 23, 2010

Im back!!! :-(

Well Praise the Lord!! I am back...  He answered my prayers and got us all back safe and sound!!! 
And its back to reality today.. :-(  We had a ton of fun down in Florida... I really didn't want to come back!! On our way down we stopped in N.C. so baby girl could meet her family there for the first time. We got to see her sister, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, 2 nephews and her Uncle. It was a really good time. I am glad that I am still close with her family (my ex's family) so I was able to take her to see them otherwise I don't know when she would have been able to.
We got into Florida about 8am on Monday.  Met my parents for breakfast and then went on to the condo.. It was so beautiful there!!! We were supposed to be able to check in around noon... but there was some confusion.. and we couldn't check in till 4pm!!! ugh. We literally sat around the lobby till then... and I am sure me and the BF stunk... sitting in a car for 2days.. eewww... lol. 
After we got in and got settled we went to eat.. then... I don't remember... maybe swimming?  We were exhausted to say the least by that point.
Tuesday we spent most of the day at the pool. My BF bought us all "fun passes"... which included inner tubes for the pool and the lazy river, putt putt, the hippo slide (a 40ft tall 164ft long inflatable slide), rock climbing, and bungee jumping thing for the kids...   It was all so much fun!!!
Friday we got to go to an all you can eat buffet with different animal characters.. We really didn't want to leave.  After check out, we went and visited the BFs uncle and aunt. They were really nice. I was really glad to meet them. :-)  Then we headed home... and let me tell you, by the time we got to the BF's house I was beat and not feeling good at all... but it was so worth it!!!
I am so happy that my mom had us all come on vaca with her.. and I am glad that my BF and his daughter were able to come along too!! It was a really really great time!!! 

me and the bf! :-) 

The kids at Downtown Disney

the bf lounging by the pool 
my daughter family (and mine too)
her sis and aunt

Today was baby girls first day of school!!! She starts preschool. She looks so sad in all the pictures. I was crying all the way to work today, it was so sad and happy at the same time. 

I can't wait to go and pick her up so I can see how her day went. 
After I pick her up, I have to run over the the college and find out something about my financial aide... gggrrrr.. I am having so many issues regarding it. I am supposed to start my classes today, but I haven't paid for them yet nor do I have any books. So I don't really know whats going to happen...  :-( 

Guess I really am back to reality. 

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