Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I so want a tattoo!!!

I have been wanting a tattoo for a few months now! 
I can't wait till I have a few extra dollars to go and get one done... well it'll probably be at least $100.  
I drew up what I want... and I love it. I am proud of myself for acutally being able to draw that nice! lol. But I may have the design modified a bit by the tattoo artist before I get it done... just to make sure it looks "perfect" on me.  
I want this: 

on my shoulder.. like the round part of my shoulder.. going down my arm a bit.. and the bee to be just below my collar bone. I love it.  

I have 8 other tattoos that I love.. but I still want more, they are addicting. 

These are what I have (in no paticular order): 

This one is for my daughter: 

For my son: 

I got this one when I was 18 for my cat that died: 
I got this one 2yrs ago:
one of my latest ones: 
My other lastest: 
my very first tat.. when i was 17:

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