Thursday, April 8, 2010

you are gonna wish you didnt know... maybe

Well...  I received an award from Zack's Hot Tub a few days ago...  Unfortunately life happened... and I am just now getting to what I needed to do to accept this award. First of all... I want to tell him Thank you. :-) It really made my day when I seen that! It don't take much to make me happy... a comment.. a new follower..a award. 

So for this award... Since it is called the 7 Truth's Award I am supposed to reveal 7 things about me...  Well I think this should be easy... I am a truthful person... and I probably reveal more than need be on here at least on Twitter... so the hard part of this for me is going to figure out what to say THIS time. lol.  But I am sure I will be able to get it all figured out...

1~ I love music. I may not know about a lot of groups, names of songs, who sings what or anything... but I love to listen to music. It helps motivate me... It uplifts me. And I will pretty much listen to anything. If you went out to my car right now and looked in my MP3 player... you would find Rap, Country, Rock, Hard-Screaming Rock Music, Christian rap, Christian rock, Oldies, R&B...  I will listen to pretty much anything.

2~ I am a very emotional person... I cry very easily. My ex made me feel like I should be ashamed of this... That there is something wrong with me because I cry. It took me awhile to move past that... and now I don't care.. If I feel the need to cry... I will. If you don't like it... Bite me.  I am not going to hide my emotions... Ive dont that for too long.

3~ I have never done any illegal drugs!  Most people in my life think that I lie about this... Or that I am odd or somethings wrong with me.  I will admit... when I was around 13/14/15 I wanted to smoke weed... just because everyone else was... but never really got the chance... then I met my exhusband and he had before I met him.. but didnt want to after we got together and didnt want me to... so I never wanted to again... and now I have no desire to do it. 

4~ I lost my virginity when I was 13. I started masterbating when I was like 8... I like sex... I have a good sex drive.  It drives me crazy... because up until now (and one other guy)... Ive never had a man be able to keep up with me. lol.  I always felt like the man in the relationship... begging for sex.. lol. and the man always seems to have a "headache"

5~ I am a pleaser. I love making people happy. I love trying to help people... especially people I love.  Sadly, people take advantage of me for this... esp. ex's.  But I am not going to change this about me... Id rather help someone and get screwed over than not help them... and have to live with the idea that I COULD HAVE helped someone.

6~ I have a hard time letting go of people. I am still friends with most of the people that have been in my life... in one way or another.  I am still friends with most of my Ex's.. with people that have screwed me over in my past... or people that I only talk to once every few months...  If you looked at the people in my life... You would probably think I am crazy for keeping them around! lol.

7~  I got saved 2years ago.. I got baptised a year ago. God is a big part of my life... I pray/talk to God all the time. People in my life think I am crazy for my belief and the things that I do for my beliefs (like give up coffee for lent). I know I am not perfect... I never act like I am... but just because I am not perfect doesnt mean that I am not a Christian

Ok... Now I have to give this award to 7 other blog peoples... I dont think I really know 7 blogs... but Ill  do the ones I know... :-)

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now this award origniated from these two people (before I got it) but they are great blog/peoples so I say they should have an award too... even tho they already have gotten it.

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