Friday, April 16, 2010


Ive come to realize:
~ that i am not in the mood to do these today! lol.
~ that there are a lot of perverts out there... lol... (so glad im not one of them... there needs to be a "im saying that sarcasticly" emoticon) lol.
~ that i love blogging... ive been doing it for 2years now... and its just in the past week that I have really loved it... i look forward to getting on and writing and seeing who will comment and if i have any new followers!! thank you guys!!!!
~ that i have gotten more followers of this blog in the last 2 weeks.. than i did any of my other blogs over the last 2 years!
~ that my God is so wonderful- i didnt just realize this completely.. but i am always amazed how He works!!! really!!!
~ that some people say there are my friend... and of course i will always be there for them if needed.. but thats all it is... im there for them... the favor is never returned... and i guess im fine with that.
~ i befriend everyone... i like getting along with people... i like interacting with people... even when i really should just leave them alone.. they are bad news
~ i am tired of being thought of just a girl or just a female that doesnt know anything... theres a lot i dont know..but dont try and take advantage of me cuz im a girl.. i can kick ur butt!
~ that it may take me a minute... but i will figure it out.. i will realize the truth... i notice everything... and i have a great memory.. when i want to.. and it important.
~ that maybe i should open this up to everyone...  so if you have anything that you would like to add to the realization friday for next week... email me please: i will keep them anonyms