Monday, April 26, 2010

Pondering on getting a dog.

When me and my ex were together.. I would have thought nothing about getting another dog.. hell at one time me and him had 3 dogs and a cat.. He'd call me up and say.. i found a dog.. lets get him.. Id say.. ok. no thoughts.. no doubts... nothing...

But i have grown up a bit since that time... about 4years ago... and now... i kinda like not having a ton of animals... I have a chihuahua and a hamster. Perfect.

Over the weekend my BF, me and the kiddos went down to visit his friend... who's dogs just had puppies...  My BF is def. getting a lil girl puppy (the only female)... and the more i was around the puppys and the parents.. the more i started missing having a BIG dog.  The parents are big dogs.. the dad i believe they said was around 80lbs.  I had a big dog before.. I loved that dog.. was the best dog I ever had.  So this whole weekend Ive been going back and forth on if i should get a dog.  I really want one... but.......

My main concern is $$$$ MONEY. I dont make that much.. and my bills take up about 90% of my pay...  but I have always been able to manage.
My list of things that  I would need for the dog:

Vet vistit- shots/flea meds
Cage (i think i can create my own "cage")
possibly a shock training collar and/or electric fence

then theres the whole training it thing.. im not good at house breaking a dog.. im lazy... my chihuahua right now..still aint completely house broken.. but i really cant blame her for her "accidents" in the house... cuz I really dont let her out enough. But I was able to house break my other "big" dog with out any problems...

I think more thank likely ill get a puppy.  but its just me overthinking the whole situation.. making a lot worse than it needs to be... why can't i just go with the flow.. and just do it.. and not worry so much??  lol.