Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My New Hair!!

I decided to do something different to my hair. I dye my hair myself anymore because I dont have the money to pay a salon to do it. Sometimes it turns out good.. sometimes not always how I expected... This time.. i love it! Here's my 2 night journey to get my hair right! :-)

I wanted just a blonde streak in the front of my hair. So I parted out what I wanted blonde and colored that first.  (sunday night)
Because I had colored my hair a burgendy color a while back.. I still had the red tint in my hair. So when I tried to dye it blond.. the roots took great... but the rest of my hair was a burnt orange/blonde color..
Which really didnt look bad with the washed out burgendy color I had.. but it was more of a fall look in my mind.. and that wasnt what I was going for... 
So the next day I went back to the store and got some more of the blonde coloring.. and tryed again... this time I parted and wrapped in tin foil so that way the dye solution was sitting right on my scalp (it was sensitive after the night before)
After about a half hour i took the tin foil off, washed my hair.. then pined up the blonde part and dyed the rest black... I parted out a small section of the blonde to dye black too.  (see below why)
This is the end result!
The top
the "bangs" that I parted out from the blond to dye black...
I like wearing my hair pulled back from time to time.. but I really didnt want the full on "skunk look" so I dyed the "bangs" black so it will be a more streaked look on the pulled back hair!

So whatcha think?
I dont think its too bad for someone that never went to school for this! lol. 
OH yea.. this is what I used: