Saturday, April 10, 2010

our fun sat night

We decided to have a fire Saturday night... just to relax... have a drink... and relax.. wait I said that alreday didnt I? lol.

aaww!!! :-) Me.. the BF and bella!

The kids... being goofy

The BF and Bella... Im starting to think I have some competition for my BF's love...

Me and baby girl... I think she might look a lil bit like me here! lol. (finally!)

We had a great night Saturday... dinner at Texas Roadhouse then home for a fire. The kids had a lot of fun and I know the BF did too.  My BFF Leisa and her boyfriend and their "kid" Bella2 (a american bulldog) came over for a bit... It was hilarious... my lil 4lb chihuahua was chasing their 40lb american bulldog around the yard!! Bella1 (my dog) wanted to kill Bella2 (Leisa's dog)! It was great!!!  I didnt realize how protective my Bella was. It was kinda sweet! I just wish it hadnt been past midnight otherwise Id just let them run around and see what would happen! lol.