Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad Mommy

I am having a "bad mommy" moment.. only its lasting a couple weeks..
I am not really sure what is going on with me but I am just not in a good mood. I have no patience, I am tired, I am depressed... I am stressed.

The last couple weeks to say the least have been very stressful for me around my house with the hot water tank leaking and ruining half my flooring to my house being torn up and outta sync for me... to feeling like my house is always a disaster.. theres always laundry to do, dishes to wash, and something to bathe.

I feel bad for my kids right now because I am at the point where its stressful just being around them... and I hate saying that... but honestly that is how I feel. I love my kids more than anything but I have lost all patience for them and need a break!  I am tired of having to repeat myself 5 and 6 times for them to do something as simple as get their coats and shoes on before we leave the house!  I am tired of them purposely doing something they know they are not supposed to do and hoping that this time I wont say anything to them.

I know its not their fault that I am stressed over my house... over money... over life.  And yet they are the ones who are practically getting the punishments for it. 

I need a "me" night... I need a vacation... I need a break!  I need time without my kids. In order for me to be a better mommy I need a break.
I am hoping to get that some this weekend. My son will be with his father Saturday and Sunday. My stepmom is going to watch my daughter. and I am planning on making a trip out of town.  Hopefully tho... I can get things situated with my house first so that way I don't come home to more stress with feeling overwhelmed by needed to clean and such.