Sunday, April 18, 2010

something about it.

For some odd reason lately.. I have had this strong urge to have a baby... and BF if you are reading this.. dont worry!

One of my friends on twitter is prego... and since Ive been looking thru more and more blogs on here... Ive found a lot on pregnancy, newborns, birth, etc... 

And for a split second... I miss being pregnant... im one of those odd women that loved being pregnant...i love giving birth. I really dont mind going thru all of that again...

Now with that being said... yea i miss it.. and yea i would love to have a baby... BUT!!! BBBUUUTTT not right now! lol. (see i told ya BF.. not to worry)

I am not ready right now in my life to have another kid.. I have two already.. thats plenty.  I am not married... not engaged.. that is one thing that I promised myself... I WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER KIDS TILL I AM MARRIED. ive had 2 babys out of wedlock.. and I am now a single mom (not single single.. i am dating an awesome man.. but single as in not married or engaged) .. and raising them on my own... I dont want to be in this situation with 3 kids!!   And yes my BF is great... but weve only known each other for 3 months (today acatually) and I am not ready to have a kid with him... I still dont know him!!! Hes a great father and all.. but I dont want to be in that situation.   

I am on birth control.. Mirena. I am still good for 2 more years... so I am not really worried about becoming prego or anything like that... It was just one of those aawww.. the baby's cute... i want one... wait.. no.. i dont. type of feelings... so I needed a blog post.. here ya go! lol. 

Do you ever get feelings like that?!