Thursday, June 30, 2011

A day in Amish Country with the fam...

I took a day off work and my mom, kids, and my brother headed down to amish country for the day.  It was great. I always love going down there. I am hoping maybe one day to actually be able to go down there for a night or 3 and stay in a little bed and breakfast and just relax. Its so peaceful.  Plus the cool thing... I am part amish!! My mother's grandmother was amish!! How awesome is that?! 

me in my little amish bonnet 

the drive down 

the perfect mode of transportation

 This is actually made like this!!  The first time i saw it last year my boyfriend and I had to stop- in the pouring rain- to check it out. We had a bet going too, he said the wind knocked it over like that- I said that its supposed to be like that. I won!! haha... the inside of it its cool too.. its made normal. you can stand up in it and the back of it is a lil ledge for a couch or bed or something. I want one!  
these just looked pretty.. lol.

Lil man wanted his pic taken with the kabobs. he said they looked yummy. 

maybe i am odd.. but i have a thing for cemetaries. I think they are beautiful. I would love to go around and take pictures of all of them around the state.

 My lil cowgirl. She wanted this so bad!!! She rode it around the store! lol.

 My brother and lil man resting after walking around some.

even Captain Jack Sparrow comes to visit Amish Country

and of course my kids had to get their pics taken with Jack. As soon as baby girl saw this... she start say look mom, its jack, its jack!! lol. 

baby girl in her amish bonnet. hahaha. she was so mad that I made her put it on and took her pic. She kept saying she didnt want to wear the baby hat. Too cute! 

After that we went into my mom's and my favorite victorian shop on main street. I love going in there and trying on all the hats!!  I would love to be able to do a room in my house in a victorian type theme.

 Even my mom had to get in on the dress up!! :-) You can never be too old to play dress up!! lol.  

haha.. more of me in my amish bonnet. :-) 

It was so much fun going down there. I can't wait to go again. Hopefully I'll be able to go again before it gets cold and maybe spend a little bit more time sight seeing and stuff. I would love to go on an Amish homestead tour and see the houses and barns.  And def. have to go on a horse and buggy ride. I have been on one since lil man was a baby.  

Blessings n Love
Overthinking Mama 


  1. That is pretty cool. You took some great pictures as well.

  2. I love this post! You are doing something I love. They are so peaceful and so true to God.
    Check out my other blog...The trees on our Branch, click on the tap at top called our resting places and there is a square there with my name to get to the Find A Grave memorials. I am a volunteer to take grave photos for not only my family but strangers. I drive a fifty mile area unless I am visiting another state. I love it. I bet this would be a hobby you would love to. You dont get paid in money, but God has lead me to each grave and its so awarding.

  3. The hats look fabulous, what fun!


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