Friday, July 1, 2011

Realization Friday

Its Friday. And a long holiday weekend for me. I am excited!! I will try and take lots of pics of everything to post next week.. (I am getting better with it!!) 

Tonight I have a Scentsy Party. I am excited!!  I hope it turns out well.

Here’s the realization for the week.

I’ve come to realize:

~ That I think the same things over and over again.

~ That I forget too quickly the realizations I have.

~ That some people just aint good friends…

~ That to him I am just a friends… to me- he has my heart.

~ That above line- will only be for a hot minute… cuz I know its time to move on.

~ That I fall in love with my kids more and more everyday!

~ The Lord is so good.

~ That sometimes it better to laugh it off and keep your mouth shut

~ That something I dwell on way more than others.

~ That it seems like some people in my life have copped an attitude. 

~ That it seems like if I can’t make a get together, party, or whatnot because of previous plans, my kids, or personal reasons… than I am not a good enough friend… and then my things ain’t good enough to come to either.  Or at least smart ass comments must be made when coming to my things.

~ That it kinda sucks that it seems like the men that want me either only want my body and not a relationship, are too young, don’t meet my standards or all of the above.

Thank you everyone for the realization you sent in this week!!! J
If you want your realization posted- send me an email

Have a wonderful Fourth!!!

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama


  1. Yea, sometimes who you think is your friend, is really not. It sucks but its life.

    I realize how lucky I am to finally find a guy who loves me for who I am and accepts all my imperfections. You'll find yours too

  2. I don't need to say it but I will, another great Friday post!!!

  3. Love the post today. Have a fun weekend and a fun time at the party.


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