Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- my weekend

baby girl and me at lil man's hot stove baseball practice

lil man and team mate heading to the field for little league baseball game

baby girl and her new bff riding around during lil man's game

lil man on base

one of my good long time friends and her son at lil man's game

coach talk after winning the game

lil man made us the fire

he did really good at keeping up with it too

me and TS :-) 

baby girl and her bff on the trampoline

the fire with no flash on camera

fire with flash on camera

so happy. 

thats better. 

lil man at hot stove baseball practice

practicing batting


its outta here!! 

say cheese mom..

Blessings n Love
Overthinking Mama 


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