Friday, June 3, 2011

Realization Friday

Finally!!!!! It’s Friday!!! Even tho it was only a 4day week… it so seemed like it took forever to finally get to the weekend!!!!  Only a few more hours to go… and its hasta la vista baby!!

And… NOW….. for the weekly Realizations……

I’ve come to realize:

~ Some people should not breed…

~ That if your man punches you in the face… you try to run him over with your car.. AND you go back to him the next day….  Well.. don’t get mad the next time he tries to punch you in the face…  and quit calling the cops.. you knew what to expect when you came back…

~ That sometimes friendships change.. and its okay.. it doesn’t mean that you ain’t friends anymore… just the friendship isn’t needed as it once was. J

~ That even tho I so want a relationship (boyfriend)… I know God’s got another plan for me right now… He keeps blocking so many different avenues that I can’t think otherwise.

~ That being sick sucks.

~ I am not obsessed with… and its giving so much inspiration!!!

~ Got a new dream!! To open a consignment shop… this one I think I can do… I hope… lol.

~ God has been so good to me lately!!! Praise HIM!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!  

Blessings N Hugs.
Overthinking  Mama 


  1. Sounds like things are going your way and in the right direction. Have a good weekend.


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