Thursday, June 23, 2011

thursday- baseball, kids, and crafty me.

Its raining again. I so hope it stops and is dryed up by Lil Man’s game tonight. I love watching him!! He has rocked so much this week!!! I am seeing him becoming better and better as the summer progresses.  Monday’s game- he pitched an inning and half.. and wow!!! I am super amazed!! He did awesome!!! No crazy pitches (till the end).. straight down the center right into the catchers glove!! It was awesome!!! So much different than the beginning of the season!!  Last night he rocked at hitting. He was up to bat 3x and all 3 times were great hits!!  And one time he made it all the way to the fence!!!!  It was awesome!!!

My moms was telling us about how Grampy (my stepdad) was outside yesterday and there was squirrel on the shed roof starring right at him… with out missing a beat.. Lil man was like “well maybe he thought Grampy was a nut”.  Haha perfect!!  The funny part is… I really don’t think my son even ment it as Grampy’s crazy… more as an actual nut nut. Lol.

Baby Girl at the game told me that I didn’t need to clap at anyone else on the team… that they weren’t OUR son, so I didn’t need to clap. Lol. hhmm… wonder when she had a kid?! Lol.

Last night, I decided to get crafty.  So I found an old men’s tshirt that I would wear to bed and decided to to try out this craft thing I saw in and try my luck at it. Well it was pretty awesome! I like how it turned out.  All I did was take the shirt… turn it inside out- fold it in half length wise- cut a moon shape out of the side from the sleeve to the bottom- cut slits all down the side- then tie the slits- I cut the bottom of the shirt and the neck of the shirt- turned it right side out… and voila – I had me a cute fitted shirt!! J
I can’t find the exact website I saw this idea on… but here’s something similar.

Here spics of mine:

Blessings n Love
Overthinking Mama 


  1. Yay for your son doing good in his games!!!

  2. Pretty cool job there... looks nice... awesomely beautiful as always...

  3. What a great idea. Don't you love it when an idea turns out?! I hate it when I try to create something and it doesn't quite work. Your shirt looks awesome!

  4. What a great idea for large T's. I have to try this.


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