Tuesday, June 21, 2011

modpodge brain

My mind is just a whole modpodge of stuff today… ugh.

I really didn’t want to get up this morning. I was so sleepy… I kept hitting the snooze button. I didn’t get up to do yoga, or read my devotional, or have coffee- I didn’t get up to spend time with God today.  I kept saying to myself.. Ill just do it in bed.. Ill talk with him.. and I did. And I heard him talking to me.. though I haven’t a clue what He said.  I was so out of it.   I do know tho that he sent my son to come wake me up. Lil man is never up early…  but he was today. And woke me up!! J

I have been trying to get a personal loan. I need to do a loan modification on my mortgage to lower my payment…. But it cost $$ to do it.. Money which I really don’t have to spend…. And I can’t get a loan either.  So.  I don’t know what to do… I am praying on it and I know God will make an opportunity arise for it.. if its meant to be.

My step mom is back in the hospital. I got a call from my stepsister last night about 10pm telling me to go over to our parents house NOW.  The story my sis told me was that her mom feel and broke something.. So I load up the kids and head out.  I leave my kids in the car because I knew the dynamics in the house would only make them act out more and it just would be good on anyones nerves. I go in and my step moms in the bedroom on her knees.  She tells me she bent down to pick up some socks… remembered she had a grabber thingy so it was stupid she was bending down. She then tried to push herself up using the bedframe and as she was doing that she heard a big pop… and immense pain. She said she thought she broke her collar bone. The paramedics came and her and my dad went to the hospital where she was admitted. I went home and put my babies back to bed.
The latest news I just received was that they think she has a blood clot and possibly a torn ligament or something… hopefully I’ll know more later.

My daughter this morning is with a new sitter. My son will be there with her after school.  But I felt so bad for baby girl. She hasn’t seen the sitter in years… the sitter is one of my good friends from highschool… one of the very few people that I actually still talk to from high school. She has two kids a boy and a girl so I know after a bit my daughter will be fine. And I know my friend is wonderful with kids and I don’t really have anything to worry about.  I just felt bad having to pull baby girl off my leg… having to sit her down and tell her that I have to go.. I have to get lil man to school and I have to go to work. She can’t follow me out the door.  She listened, and I was able to leave.  Still breaks my heart tho.

We had baseball last night. Lil Man pitched.. and OMG!!!  He rocked it!!! I was so proud.. and amazed.. and just in awe. This was the first time he played since before he left on vacay with his dad… and his first inning at pitching… he did awesome!!! J  The second inning tho.. he was wore out and they switched him out.  He did awesome at batting and fielding too… One of the parents tho, was kinda getting on my nerves.  Their son is probably the best player on the team.. I will give them that and I wont deny that at all… but they kept yelling to him that he needed to play better because everyone else looks up to him… he can’t play around like everyone else because he’s the role model for the team… he’s the best on the team and has to show everyone else how it’s done because he’s the best.   And I mean yea.. I agree.. he’s good. Everyone does look up to him…  but don’t yell that to him in the middle of the field… or when he’s sitting with all the other players.  I don’t know maybe I just got aggravated with them too easily.. but it was just like to me.. them yelling it out in front of all the other kids…was like saying to them.. hey you aint good enough.. my kids the best…  If they wanted to say it to their kid.. fine.. call him over. Talk quietly…  don’t scream out you are better than everyone else act like it.  *not those exact words but to me that was the meaning behind those words.   I could go on and on about parents and baseball.. and coaches that are parents or grandparents and the special attention they give to their kids/grandkids… lol.

Ok.. well that’s enough venting for the day… so I will stop. I feel better now! Lol. Thanks for listening!!!

Blessings n Love
Overthinking Mama 


  1. Always here for a shoulder to lean on or a good old venting. Have a blessed day with the kids!

  2. it sounds like you have a LOT on your shoulders right now. if you ever thought you wanted to apply for a job that paid more i have re-done every single person's resume that i know, pretty much. it's kinda my "thing"... and i'd be happy to give yours a once-over. maybe that'd help with the loan remodify if you had a little more coming in? but otherwise, just sending positive vibes your way!

  3. I'm glad you were able to find a reliable and trusted sitter! That is such a blessing!


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