Friday, June 17, 2011

Realization Friday

One of my favoritest days of the work week. (my other is Monday.. go figure)… its Friday! And its realization time!! J yay!!!

I have come to realize:

~ I will always get picked on at work… and I love it.

~ I have one of the goofiest dogs I know.

~ I miss my LIl Man!!!

~ That I always seem to add friends to my group… but rarely am I invited to a new group of friends… hhmm..

~ Spending mom and daughter time together is precious.

~ my plans never really ever seem to go… well as planned.

~ I have the biggest fear of my kids dying..  or an even bigger fear of me dying. I know it probably sounds selfish… but if I died.. they would be split up… and who know what would happen… and I do not want my daughter being raised by her father. Period.

~ That I really need to get a will made up.

~ That I need to quit thinking such morbid thoughts… I am going to go insane.

~ That I have faith in God.

~ My heart belongs to HIM… my Lord and saviour.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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