Thursday, October 8, 2009

the MIL

Dear Diary.
GRRR my ex m-i-l gets on my nerves sometimes...
Sometimes me and her get along so wonderfully... and then other times... I just wanna pull my hair out.
She's a great woman. And our relationship is a lot better now than it ever has been .
But sometimes I just dont get it.
I just called her to find out if we would be able to switch day that she gets my son from school. She normally gets him every Thursday for one on one time. (which i really appreciate and I know he enjoys it too). So I asked if she would be able to trade one Thursday for the Wed. of that same week. Trick or Treat here is that Thursday... she hemed and hawed... it was her birthday... She finally said yes.. but with hesitation...
The thing that bothers me.. is that in a few months.. March exactly... My sons father and his family - m-i-l included are going to Florida on Vaca... right over my birthday... when I had originally mentioned this to her... She acted like oh well.. its just a birthday... who cares.. you can celebrate the weekend before or after... not a big deal... What the hell.. Why is my birthday not a big deal... but her's is??? GGRR..

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