Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is it ?

My friend came to me with a small issue of her heart and her conscious...

She has a boyfriend of about 2 months now.. if that... and she is quickly realizing.. he is so not what she wants or is looking for in a mate... Hes much older than her. doesnt want his own kids tho loves hers. doesnt give her the love she needs. But they get a long great... they have the perfect conversations... the first time either of them has had that in a relationship.

lately she has been thinking about an ex. he's single and has said that he still loves her. she still loves him but their breakup was very bad on her and it took up till 6 months ago before she could even talk to him. they dated about 3years ago for a little over a year.

But she feels guilty that she is even thinking about another man.. she feels this is a sin... even tho they are not married.. she is committed to him.. she wouldnt cheat for anything... physcially anyway.. but is she cheating emotionally? mentally?
She feels like she is breaking commandments cuz of her thoughts...
Shes committing emotional/mental adultery.
She coveting another man.

Shes torn about her feelings...

I think it is wrong that she is staying with a man that she is not completely happy with. I think it is wrong that she is with this man and attaching herself to another emotionally to another man. i think she needs to make a clean break and figure things out about herself.. her future.. and her ex.

What is your opinion?


  1. I think she should seperate herself from both and find someone that gives her all she wants, and shows that he is a man that deserves her. she shouldn't settle for either someone of the past, or someone that she just seems content with, yet still longs for something more.

  2. My opinion is that this woman is being entirely too hard on herself. I do not believe this is a sin against anyone other than herself. DO NOT SETTLE. When a person is not right for us, we have a tendency to look at "previous pastures" and at times they seem "greener". They are not. If they were, we would still be with the previous person. It's just a point of reference for us, looking in the past. The problem here that this woman is not being true to her own heart. She needs to move on from BOTH.


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