Monday, October 5, 2009

And its MONDAY :-(

Well the weekend has come and gone.. and I can't complain too too much. It was good and not so good.. so I guess just the normal type of weekend. :-)

Friday afterwork had a great talk with the bf. I had been having some issues with my own insecurity and stuff. So we talked about it and got most if not all of it worked out.. (for now). Then had dinner as always with the family, then off to target with baby girl and my bff. Spent too much time and too much money in there. lol. Afterward, stopped by the bf job to give him the gift that I had given him, then headed home.

Saturday morning was up plenty early by baby girl :-) Went and got my massage.. OH so nice! very relaxed afterward.. not exactly as much as I was hoping for... but still good none the less... I definetely reccommend : Massotherapy Arts Center in Elyria, OH. Afterward called the bf and decided to stop over there for a bit and hang out. He rearranged his apartment, so it was cool. Afterward went home and got ready. Headed to the bridal shower. Which was very nice. I am so happy for my step sister and her husband. Straight after that I had to run to my dad and stepmoms house- my daughter decided to mess with Papi (my dad) tv.. and he was not a happy camper.. he couldnt get it to work.. Did that, got gas and headed to my friend Pam's house. Met up with Ashley and her friend and then headed off to go see Lecrae. It was AWESOME!!!

Sunday wasnt as good.. I woke up in a sad type mood.. I text my daughters father to make sure he was still coming to get her... he replyed... and I completely misread it... totally wrong.. and I went off on him. I thought he said he wasn't going to be home and wasn't going to get her. That is what I was expecting. That is the way he normally is... He has seen her once in a 3months time... So I over reacted and because of my reaction, he took it as I wasn't gonna let him have her and made other plans... So totally felt like a complete idiot... ugh. After church I went and hung out with my bf at his work for a lil bit. It was kinda fun... It was good to keep my mind off things for awhile... Afterward, I went home and cleaned and orgainized some and read some till the kids got home.. then went to my moms for dinner. My bf came over after that.. and I put the kids to bed (which was complete hell). We watched a movie and went to bed.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend... Hope the week is great and the weekend is greater!! :-)

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