Sunday, May 17, 2009

The point.

It was a great weekend once again... spent wonderful time with my kids and today with my bff.
I was just thinking here (imagine that... me sitting here thinking!) about church today...
I love my church so much! I was looking for a church for so long.... Probably about 3 or 4 years... but mainly the last 2years... After my ex's neice past away... something hit inside me and told me I needed to go to church... But pretty much the effort of me finding a church was me sitting on my couch saying I needed to find a church... Here and there i would go to a new church and that would be about it... I would pray that the Lord would show me what church to go to.... but nothing really happened... And pretty much this is the way it stayed for awhile... Then I met a guy... nice guy... things were great and he told me about the church he went to a while back for bible study... and suggested maybe we go there one sunday... so I said sure... so sunday after sunday passed and we never went. Neither of us (especially him) were morning people... finally one sunday in August I said we were going and with or with out him... i was going to church... so we got up and we went to his church. It was a different service that morning... the youth group just got back from a trip and were telling all about it that morning... so to me it was a good church... but... yea... needless to say we didnt make it up and out of bed again to go to church. Me and him split about a month and a half later... and again I wanted to go to church... but that was about all it was. It just seemed like too big of a task to get two kids up and ready in the morning then have to watch them and make sure they werent getting into trouble and really not even get to pay attention to the service... it wasnt worth it..
So Christmas came around. And I decided that I really wanted to go to church... I was going to go for Christmas eve service no matter what... I changed the plans that I had with my family to go to dinner, a tradition that we have had for many years now, and told them I was going to church. They could come with me or I could meet them afterward, but I was going to church... So that day I emailed two churchs to find out if and when there Christmas eve services were... only one replyed back. My Church. So that is where we went... and I guess you can say the rest is history. I have been going there ever since... and at every service, I feel truely blessed that I found this church... no I cant say that, I feel blessed that God found this church for me. I can see how he brought a man into my life for a purpose (probably one of many) of showing me this church. Introducing me to this church, because I know that if it werent for this man coming into my life, I NEVER would have found it, I wouldnt have gotten baptised last Feb., I wouldnt be going ever Sunday, and I wouldnt be who I am today.
It is amazing to look back and pin point something that God has specifially done in my life!!!

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