Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A memory from a 3yr old

My first memory that I can recall... I believe I was about 3 years old.
It was with my Grandpa. My moms dad.
I remember my Grandpa chasing me around his house... always saying he was going to wash my feet... a joke between me and him which I cant really remember where it stemmed from...
I remember there was a step down from his kitchen to family room and his family room looped into his dining room and then there was a step up into the kitchen from there also.
He would chase me from the kitchen to the family room to the dining room and then back into the kitchen. I remember that the whole family (my mom, dad, and grandpa) all smoked heavily... and as the sunlight would come into the window you could see it in the smoke. The sunlit smoke area were "danger" zones and had to be avoided.

I also remember being about 4yrs old and going over there with my mom to check on my Grandpa because they hadn't heard from him all day... My dad and brother stayed in the car... I wanna say we had either a blue or green color car then... I went in with my mom... and their lying on the floor of the kitchen was my Grandpa. He had passed away... I don't remember any emotions or anything about it... Just that my mom told me to go out and get my dad and to stay in the car with my brother... I dont remember doing that... i dont remember the funeral... i do remember my mom and her siblings up in the attic of his house arguing over who was goign to get what... and I thought i was so special because i was up in the attic with them... a place i was never aloud to go.
and for the first time... just now... i thought: I wonder how my mom felt... finding her father on the floor dead? wow.

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