Friday, May 15, 2009

Realization Friday

I thought i would try something new today. I always have a ton of random thoughts... so i thought (wonder how many times i can use the word thought in this post?) I will write them all down thru out the week and then post them on Fridays... or at least attempt to... We shall see how it turns out!!

I have come to realize:

~when I finally decide to do something with my random thoughts... they all disapear!
~most people will never truely get me
~ive me a lot of great people in my life... and some I can pinpoint to why they were in my life.
~ A lot of my random thoughts become tweets!
~ most people are idiotic in one way or another
~ that people in my life effect my mood
~ that I can have 10 random thoughts while i am int he bathroom and will only be able to remember the last one
~ i am not a competetive person when it comes to my job
~ i enjoy physical pain
~ i am slightly ocd when it comes to scabs- mine or someone elses- i have to pick it off (same with dead skin)
~ my ex has to think i am an idiot.
~ there are people in my life that i care about, but i dont really think they have a place in my life-full time
~ that in my circle of close friends- i am the only single one :-) im the 3rd wheel! lol.

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