Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Im sitting here at work... Just in another blah type mood. The Blah type mood seems to be a norm for me here lately.
I dont care for my job. I feel overwhelmed with things- bills, home duties, etc. I feel lonely. I feel unsatisfied. I feel there is so much else out there for me. I feel I am in the need of change, but don't even know where to begin with that.

I have made some new friends via twitter. And God has shown how wonder and how mysterious his ways can be via twitter... I have definetely seen small things that God has blessed me with just thru twitter.
And I have been following a few blogs on blogger. There is one in particular that I read from time to time, and I follow the author on twitter also.
Ill be completely honest... I can not read her posts day to day. I tears at my heart so much. I read her blog and my heart goes out to her. I feel a love for her just because of this blog, yet I dont even know her- just her story. She is going through a very hard situation... yet her love for the Lord is still so strong! She is a true inspiration. Here I am complaining about my life, my petty issues and she is struggling day to day with reality of life and people, but the Lord is still so ever present in her daily life, her thoughts, and especially in her heart!!
I pray for only the best for this woman, becuase she is someone that truely deserves it.

My issues seem so petty compared to hers. Yet, I still let them control my emotions and my thoughts on a daily basis.
I pray that more and more the Lord will help me how to put my life into a better perspective and dwell on all that He has blessed me with and not what I do not have.

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