Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All Christians are Hypocrites

My ex went to church with me last Sunday (im suprised the building didnt burn down or it start raining fire balls!!) and the only thing he got out of the service... was that the pastor was a hypocrite and so were the people in the church.

My ex has his own set beliefs on church and the people that go there. He doesnt believe that you should have to go to church to worship God. That the majority of the people that go there are fake. They go just to gossip about everyone else there. That he can worship from the privacy of his own couch and shouldnt have to be around all those fake people. This has been a long argument me and him have had... I do agree you dont HAVE to go to church to worship... you should be worshiping all the time... not just on a Sunday in the house of the Lord.

The reason why he thought that my pastor and the people were hypocrites was for one simple reason... because they are Christians... and they are HUMAN! uhoh.. can't be both!
My pastor went thru the 10 commandments and told us which ones he broke.... amazingly.. all 10 of them! but he's our pastor! he's not aloud to sin!
The other reason was that our pastor started talking about being gay. (not him) About how it was a sin... but he would accept anyone that was gay into our church.. he wouldnt discriminate against them... he would openly tell them about the bible and what it says... but he would still accept them. I think the church was in shock... because almost no one acknowledged this... he had to pull teeth for it... and so that just added fuel to my ex's arguments... they are hypocrites.. as Christians they are supposed to accept everyone... blah blah blah (sorry i zone parts of his talking out!)

Why do we think that because someone is a Christian, we are not supposed to sin. We are supposed to be perfect. I hate to break it to everyone out there.... There was only one person since Adam and Eve (before they screwed it all up) that was perfect- Jesus. We are human. And thanks to Adam and Eve... we are not perfect... we have sin in our life... Satan fights for us just as much as God does. And unfortunately sometimes satan wins... we know to pray, to ask for forgivness. We have remorse in our heart for knowing we done wrong.

aaannnd my mind just went completely blank..... crap.


We are all human. Even Christians screw up and sin. Dont think you are any better than anyone becuase you are a Christian.. and dont look to a Christian for perfection, you will be sadly disappointed... but look to a Christian for a person who knows the Lord and trys to live better but who will continually fall short of that perfection.

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