Wednesday, March 13, 2013

life instagram style- picture overload!!

This is the past few weeks on instagram. I kept forgetting to post. I'll try and do better but for now, sorry for the pic overload. lol.  

quite time with the Lord. My favorite part of the day!! 
going to lunch with this great woman. 

on my way to lunch to a few great woman!! 

my mom threw me a surprise birthday party!!! it was so much fun!! 

another of my besties!! 


back to my house afterwards.. gotta love my face! 

the group! 

Worship team at church getting set up. love my church

my crazy kids and grammi's new dog woody

ugh at the doc... temp of 102 :-(

morning comes too soon! 

movie night with baby girl- Breakfast at Tiffany's 

love this

my daughter put bella in here... and she stayed for like 15minutes!!! 


all ready for my first date :-)  

crazy chihuahua

best lunch ever

love that i can wear my son's hoodies!! 

time with the Lord!!! :-) 

God is seriously the best artist ever! 

still not feeling that great :-( 

love this saying! ha

dinner out then bday shopping

it was my daughter's sister birthday!! my stepdaughter even tho her father and i ain't together. she is seriously the sweetest girl ever!! 

my daughter got pushed around in her stroller that we used when she was a baby. she couldn't even fit her legs in it anymore... but wasn't feeling she got spoiled. :-P

yea... getting old sucks.. gotta bleach my mustache!! and while im at it my eyebrows to match my hair! 

Higher Learning Tour- Cleveland!  Amazing night!!! 

what I woke up to on my birthday!! 

bday gift from my mom and kiddos

1st soccer practice!!! 
That dog loves him. 

yum. bday dinner with my mom and family

bowling with my bestie!! so much fun!! 

love this pic of her! 

my goof troop!! 

yummy watermelon margarita! 

deep fried pickle chips
great gift from my mom. a bible study journal! 

New outfit! 
Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama 


  1. Loved the pics! SOmetimes a picture is worth a thousand words!

    I am glad you had an awesome birthday! You deserve it!!

    God Bless~

    1. Thank you sweetie!!!!

      Love ya!!

      God Bless you too!


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