Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Journey

I have been doing a lot of self reflecting the past few weeks mainly because I was torn down by a man I left into my life and  gave a little piece of my heart to.  I know that God brought this man into my life tho for a good reason. It was because I needed to be broke down so I would realize a lot of different things about my life. I believe this man could have expressed things a lot differently than he did. But it is what it is. I can not change that.  But what I can change, is my future. 

You have already probably noticed some of the recent blog post about me, my life, and my faith… there will be more to come as I go thru this journey of self discovery!! J

Blessings N  Love
Overthinking Mama

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  1. I don't comment all the time, but I read your blog daily and admire your faith. Hang in there girl - good things come to good people soon or later. Peace Babe.


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