Tuesday, June 3, 2008


so i have an ex that i am still completely in love with.. He is the biggest asshole around.. and for some odd reason... i can not stay away from him! He treated me like shit when we were together, i bought him a car, took care of him when he was off work... he need/wanted anything... i got it for him... and he left me. So now... a year later... a roller coaster of a year later... where one minute he loves me and is sorry and wants to work it out, then the next minute he hates my guts and is completely done... He sent me a text message last night at 1130 saying he wants to make love to me so bad, that he loves me so much and misses me so much. Well his phone is still in my name and happened to have to go online and check the bill amout to tell him what he owes me... and I just happened to look at his call details for last night... and what a suprise, He was on the phone with some chic for over a half hour... for someone that wants to be with me... he sure does spend a lot of time on the phone with this certain person... many many calls to them. And it wouldnt be a big deal if for 1-he wasnt trying to get back with me... and 2- he always told me that- guys and girls can not just be friends, there always has to be something more!!!
Why do I have to be so pathetic!!! Why can't I just walk away from him and be done? He is so not good for me. I am trying to go out and meet new people... to move on.. and I have met at least one guy who is great... and I am still stuck on this moron.
I completely understand the whole love is blind phrase... love is blind and makes you stupid!

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