Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Is it wrong in this day in age to want an "old fashioned" relationship? One where the man takes care of the woman... the man is the bread winner of the family... He goes to work and takes care of his family, that weight isn't on the woman's shoulders? Is that wrong to want? To want to get married and be able to quit or at least work less so you can be home with your family, make the house spotless- or at least try- be ready for your love to come home from work so you can pamper him. Is it wrong for a woman to want to be taken care of or to want to take care of her man and her family?
It seems like now a days it's taboo for a woman to want to be a house wife or a stay at home mom. A woman should have a job. A woman should make her own money. A woman should be independent.
If you told a man that you wanted to be able to one day be a stay at home mom... his first thought- Gold Digger! and granted in some instances that may be... (but then again.. i have encountered where the man was the Gold Digger too) by why should that be the first thought?

And I guess anymore with the way this world works, with men (and woman) cheating, lieing, abuse of any sort, and everyday stresses... it good for the female to be able to get away from the relationship if needed have that back up...

With all the assholes that are out there now a days... screwing over men anyway they can, trying to milk the man for all he's worth... just kinda ruined it for us woman to want and are willing to give the real thing...

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