Thursday, June 12, 2008


Masterbation is something that everyone has at least tried once... and the majority of us have tried many many times... and become experts at it! lol!

But is masterbation wrong?

I know from my own personal standpoint... NO... its human nature... its something that needs to be done from time to time especially if you are not in a relationship... everyone needs that release.

Me personally... I do enjoy masterbating... I love the sensation... I love the control... I love to cum. And I can make myself cum hard that way... I have been doing it since I was at least 7 or 8. And unfortunately since I have been doing it for so long... Its hard for me to cum hard any other way- not impossible, just hard. lol. But over the years as I have gotten older and in and out of relationships, I have started to feel dirty or guilty when I do it, like this is something I should be sharing with the man I love... not all alone... So I rarely anymore do it... only if there is a great need for that release. But I still don't see it as wrong.

My ex on the other hand did. He felt it was cheating. You shouldn't cum unless you are with someone... And I dont believe in that.. especially when he would go 2-3 weeks at a time where he didnt want to have sex... I am the type of person.. I would like it everday if I could... so to go 2-3 weeks without anything... was insane for me... a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do... He never caught me... and I am not sure if he ever knew until I told him a few days ago in the middle of an argument...

I have talked to a few different people regarding their opinions on this... and I have found people that feel guilty afterwards like me... feel like its cheating... and feel its completely normal thing to do... as much as possible...

At what point is it bad to masterbate tho? If you are in a relationship and having sex an adequate amout should you still do it? Should you do it when your partner is asleep right next to you? In the shower? In another room? Should it be done together when penetration is not something that is able to happen?

I think masterbation is something that is needed time to time... Something you should not be ashamed of . If you are in a relationship it should be done with respect, not next to your lover cuz your pissed off or whatever but when you are alone and not able to be with your lover. And you should be open about it with that person. Not lie about it, not deny it, and not get pissed off cuz you find out that your lover did this without you...cuz you know you have done it too.

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  1. Are you High? You can tell me if you are all hopped up on the goof balls. I won't tell any one. I promise.

    I need "something" once a day. It can be a woman or it can be me but once a day. Now if it takes too long between having a woman and not having one it is tough to cum with a chic. However, hang in there cause I will finish sooner or later.

    Any one that tells you that masturbation is cheating is F-ing crazy. Usually I will have a girl show me how she masturbates so I can find out what she likes. Plus it is hot as hell. Especial if you make her hot all the time where she has to do it because she will get crazy without it.

    I love the thought of woman playing with themselves.

    P.S. If you fell guilty after that means that you have some hot fantasies that are really really really dirty. I bet that is when you cum the hardest.There is nothing wrong with that. Now tell me what they are.


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