Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can I please go back to bed?

Its the Tuesday after a long weekend... and I so just need to go back to bed.... I even went to bed early last nite as I knew i was completely exhasuted last nite... and it didnt seem to even help... I am so not a morning person...

I am learning too that my son is def. not a morning person either... Every single morning it is a fight to get him up and dressed and out the door... This morning I woke up late... (go fig) and so I made him get himself dressed this morning, normally I help his with it and then he gets his own shoes and socks on...but today I made him do it himself ( and i know what you are probably thinking... and yes its true... he's six years old... he should be getting himself dressed not mommy doing it for him... but sometimes its just easier in the mornings for me to do it than to fight with him over it... but things will be changing here in the future!) but anyway... he did get himself dressed.. which was good... and then i got sissy up and we were out the door... and it was a lot colder out than i thought it was going to be! it was beautiful yesterday... at least in the 80's and today feels like its in the 60's! I hate when it changes it like that... i need to start paying attention to the weather a little bit more! lol! so my son throws a fit as soon as he steps out side because he doesnt have his jacket on... so i get it out for him... and he gets it one... I need to figure out a way to get him to stop throwing fits... the whole jumping up and down and crying and screaming...and I am not even sure where he learned it from... or why he thinks that its going to change anything... cuz nomrally when i see him do it... he either gets sent to his room because of it... or I start doing it to him... and then he just starts laughing cuz I look ridiculous jumping up and down throwing a fit like him! lol! so anyway.. i am not really sure where I was going with that whole thought... lol. that is my normal thought process... skip from one thing to the next to the next.... and then stop, and try and figure out how I got here! lol!

The weekend was wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! Saturday, it was beautiful here... so I got a lot done... cleaned the house... cleaned the car... cleaned the yard... now I feel good about my house!

Sunday we went down to Columbus to visit my sister... and that was really a lot of fun! We went to cosi for the day... and the kids loved it, especially Peyton! We went out to dinner to our fav. restaurant down there... and mmm was it good... Sunday my sister took us all to the movies to see Indian Jones... and i was so amazed. My daughter sat thru the whole thing pretty much... she got a lil restless after she dropped her baba and it rolled 4 rows up and we couldnt find it for a lil bit... but once she got it back.. she fell right to sleep... Peyton loved the movie! He wants to be Indiana Jones now! lol!

Monday we drove home.. then went right to a picnic with my mom... let me tell you by the time i made it home... I was completely exhausted! But it was a good weekend!!!

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