Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Why do us girls.. or problem just humans in general get attached and stay attached so easily?
I have a friend that just broke up a few months ago with an asshole guy... Unfortunatly she still loves him dearly and that have a kids together...
She just started dating this new guy... and everything is wonderful... but now she is seeing lil things that she doesnt like... and is starting to wonder if he is even someone she should be spending her time with if its just gonna be a waste... yet... she doesnt want to break it off yet. She is falling in love... and doesnt want to be single again... well not quite not single.. she doesnt want be without him. She wants to be in love.

Why do we get stuck on the first guy that treats us good? Why do we fall for a guy even tho we can see all the warning signs and see that the guy just aint the "one"? Why do we hold on to that guy that is all wrong for us just so we can have someone to love and will show us a lil bit of love in return?


  1. Let me offer my wise yet crazy opinion. First a question. Why do people feel that they need someone to complete them? Or why do they fear being alone? I suggest that you find peace with yourself. Live life for you and your children. Enjoy every second that you have with your children. If you meet someone that tickles your fancy (or other places) then enjoy them for the time that you have with them. Never think of marriage or commitment or even a relationship. That is forcing the issue. If I told you to never think of red what would you think of? What did you just think of?

    The issue is for women, they usually size every man up quickly. Sex, no sex! Relationship, no relationship. Then they build on that.

    I suggest to take each person as a friend or lover or whatever but not to spend one second looking for "the one" or even caring that you ever find him. Truth is that "the one" could really be any one. Any one that you have common goals and dreams with.

    Allow yourself the freedom to love yourself and be happy. Understand that people good and bad will travel in and out of your life. If you so desire you can select one that you want to stay in your life. However, that is accent you not to complete you.


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