Monday, February 4, 2013

My week- via Instagram 1/27-2/2

getting my hair did
baby girl getting her hair trimmed

watch my church was giving out. :-) 
New hat!!! 
Long day- lil man was sick :-( 

doggies keep lil man company while he's sick on the couch

baby girl home from school and wrestling with the dog
even tho lil man was sick.. he offered to help baby girl with her homework- aawww.
fresh out of the shower. 

my turn for the flu

baby girl got the flu too

sucks being sick.. but at least baby girls feeling better!! 

...she was just like oh. weird. and walked away. lol. conversation with my baby girl. haha.  

view friday morning as i had to get up for work. ugh. still wasnt 100% great
saturday morning snuggles. 

my fun filled weekend night!!  love this series of books tho!! 


  1. Love it! Glad ya'll are better! Love the Snuggles one : )

  2. you have a cute kid!


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