Saturday, February 16, 2013

oh well, he's just a man

First of all I want to say how great our God is.. I woke up this morning, kinda just in a blah mood.. Nothing bad but then nothing good either.
I got up made my coffee and had my time with God. Read a devotional, the bible, listened to my worship music, wrote in my gratitude journal.. then answered a couple text messages from a friend.. and voila, I got inspired to blog. God is good. I had thought maybe 10 minutes before hand that I really didnt feel like blogging, even tho I really needed too...

I responded to a text message from a friend "Well he is a man". That was my reason as to why something didn't go as planned the night before. He didn't think something was as important or as big of a deal as she did.  He was left confused and she was left disappointed.

Should we justify a man not taking a moment and thinking about the girl as just oh well he's a man?

I have another friend who uses that phrase all the time for her boyfriend. And it frustrates me so much and yet.. now I just used it.

To me just saying well he's a man when he does something that is thoughtless, disrespectful, disappointing or just hurtful is just giving up an excuse for him.  Not having him to be held to any type of standards.

Well men think differently.  Yes, they do think differently... and maybe I am old fashioned or think that there is a prince charming out there, but I still believe that a man should take a moment and think about how a woman might feel if he does something, especially if she is directly effected by what it is that he does.

Yes, everyone makes mistakes.. and I completely get that.. I just feel like saying we'll he's a man and doesn't know better is a lame excuse.  A man or woman should be held accountable for what is done.. say maybe they don't know better, they didnt realize the effects, or whatever.. but don't just say its cuz he's a man.  Thats saying that the male species is uncapable of thinking or feeling or figuring out an outcome to something that they might do.  Its saying that they have a free pass card in a way to go and do stupid and idiotic things just because they are a male.

I also feel like its saying that because he is a male, it keeping the expectations very low for how he should treat you...

What is your opinion?

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama

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