Wednesday, January 9, 2013

dating advice.

Dating advice :
If you come across as needy or insecure, it will turn off the majority of women out there.
            Do not constantly ask what she thinks of how you look.
            Do not constantly ask what she think of you.
            Be confident- even if you have to fake it.  If she is taking the time to at least talk to you- then more than likely there is something about you that she does like.

Don’t ask from day one where she see things going between the two of you.  That takes time. You have to get to know each other, see if you click. That could take one conversation or 6 weeks of trying to figure it out.  Don’t push her into any type of commitment out of the gate.  Just enjoy the conversation. Have no expectations. Just enjoy.

If you can’t read a man/woman or have doubts on if he really likes you are not- especially in the beginning… more than likely something is not there, no spark, connection, whatever.. don’t doubt your intuition.  

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