Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taming my tounge

Had a shortened time with God this morning... sadly baseball has taken my morning time from me.. but I  still made sure I fit in a few moments with HIM. 

I read for my my Proverbs 31 : God's Purpose for Every Woman today.. I have started re-reading the pages because I have finished it and have yet to find a devotion that speaks to me the way this had.  And as usual, the Lord speaks to me thru it. 

This has been a very frustrating week being a mom...  with being tired and already frustrated with the issues going on with my dad and his house and other family issues... I just didn't have the patience I should have had for my kids, and I swear they know it and push me even farther. 

My daughter has a thing where she doesn't want to do what I tell her on the first time.. I have to repeat myself and end up counting to 5, to get her to do what I want. My son is back talking and wants to argue over EVERYTHING and I mean everything.  This week was just too much for me to deal with. And being frustrated I ended up yelling... well more like screaming.. to the point where my throat hurt. As soon as I was done and the kids were quiet, I broke down and cried.  I don't know what to do sometimes. I just want to give up and run away. I feel like a failure as a mom.   

Todays devotional was about Yelling and having a septic heart

Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.  ~ Matthew 12:34

" We have to realize that our heart may be poisoned by the toxins of anger, resentment, unmet expectations, unforgiveness, bitternes and unfulfilled dreams. 
    I've discovered four simple truths that jump started my cleansing process. The toxins are not completely gone, but I take an antioxidant of God's Word daily to combat their effects. Try it! And you don't need a spoon ful of sugar to help this medicine go down.

1.  Renew your heart every morning (Isaiah 50:4-5) We have a whole day of living to do, and we need to set our mind on Him and receive His guidance.
2.   Repent daily (Psalm 51:10) We can't carry the burden and conviction fo our sin from day to day. Lighten your load.
3. Rend your heart often (Joel 2:12-13) Examine your heart honestly and ask God to help you identify those things that are of Him.
4. Rest your heart when needed (Psalm 127:2) Though not always pracitical, sometiems lying down for a quick nap is just what the heart and soul need. 

Ask God to help you to be slow to anger. Ask your family to forgive you for your behavior and to pray for you. Stop, leave the room, and pray before you yell. If you can't leave, still stop and pray. Ask a friend to hold you accountable for your temper. "

I need to do this. I need to stop and put it in God's hands more than I do.  I need to ask HIM for help with raising my kids.  I need His guidance to raise my children in His Love. 

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Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama


  1. We all have good days and days that are tough. No mom is perfect even though we all think each other are. We need time everyday alone with Him, to replenish our strength and to remember our purpose as mothers.

    Michell @Growing Mama

  2. Oh My Sarah! I know what you mean. Mine did the exact thing and we went through a lot of turmoils. It's okay to cry. It cleanses the soul. I hope all is better by now. Sorry I haven't been around.


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