Wednesday, April 25, 2012

past weekend

I had an absolutely awesome weekend. Probably one of the best one's I have had in a really long time!!!  It felt like Christmas all weekend long!!!  I got my new phone, a package from my pen pal, the cases for my phone, a new purse and wallet, my new devotional, and free earrings from It was awesome!! 
my free pear earrings!!! 

Friday night Lil man and his friend along with my friends Leisa, Pam, Art and their kids all went and played Laser Tag. It was so much fun. My son loved it! I can't wait to go back with him again!  After tag we went and had dinner all together. It was a lot of fun. :-)   

Saturday baseball was cancelled in the morning (yay!) So I was able to get some time in with the Lord! (double yay).   I was able to get my new phone all set up :-) And I got some great things in the mail. The cases that go with the phone... and this great package from my pen pal!!!! She seriously is so awesome!!! I love her. God truly blessed me with her friendship!!! 

my package from my pen pal
Later on I went and took lil man to his father and me and baby girl headed over to my friend Carlita's house.. She had some purses she wanted me to look at.. and you know purses are my weakness.. and I bought one..  a gorgeous Louis Vuiton purse and wallet.. LOVE IT!  It was a great time hanging out with her and her kids.. She made us dinner (she seriously is awesome) and we had some wine and watched a movie together.  It was a perfect night!!! 

Sunday, I went to church with my mom and then out to lunch. The rest of the day I was lazy. Didn't get much done, but a lot of snuggles with my baby girl!!  Sunday night I got set up on a blind (double) date. I was so nervous. But it turned out to be a lot of fun!!!  And I am glad that I have met a new friend :-)  

baby girl putting makeup on. 

It was just the perfect weekend!!! SO NEEDED!!! 

God is so good!!!! 

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama


  1. sounds like a perfect weekend indeed

  2. Awe, I'm glad you liked your package! :) Hope you enjoy everything!


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