Friday, April 27, 2012

Story Time 6

It hadn't even been a week since I last saw Ramon, but we were going to meet up tonight for drinks.  It was Tuesday and my kid was at my exhusbands for the night so I was pretty much free.  I didn't tell JoAnn about this either. In the past couple weeks things hadn't been that great between me and her.  She had been very down and negative that me and Ramon were getting closer. She kept reminding me that HE WAS MARRIED.  I told her we were just friends. Nothing else. Even tho deep down inside no denying could mask what I was feeling.  Ugh. I didn't want this.

Ramon and I met up at the Back Alley, it had kind become my little bar. Small. No drama. Cheap. lol.  We met up there about 9pm and we both were all smiles.  We talked and laughed and talked and laughed untill closing time.  Neither of us wanted the night to end, so we went and hung out in my car and talked for a couple more hours.  Finally we were both half asleep and I said I needed to call it a night.  I had to work in the morning.

We hugged goodnight and he gently kissed me on the lips.  The sparks were flying. I hadn't felt anything like that before.  My heart raced. I wanted more. I never wanted him to stop. But he pulled away and said good night and left.

I went home with my head spinning. Did that just really happen??  Ugh. I am not supposed to get involved. I am not supposed to get attached. He's married. MARRIED.  Why.Why.Why.

Thanksgiving came and it was nice and quiet. I was texting with JoAnn back and forth and she told me she was hanging out with Ramon and his wife.  JoAnn kept telling about how his wife kept asking if he was seeing someone? and JoAnns like I hate talking about this with her. I told her we are not together, not dating. We are just friends *denial again*.  She said they maybe you should just come over here.. I replied back to her, yea.. maybe I should.  She freaked out. Don't come over here she replied.. that will just make everything too weird!!

A little later that evening while I was up in my room, I received a text message from Ramon asking how I was and how my thanksgiving was.  We chit chatted back and forth some and then he text me "Sally, I love you".

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