Monday, January 16, 2012

why do i blog?

 I was asked the other day Why do I blog?   I wasn’t really sure how to answer that.  Its not for one certain reason or another.

I started blogging about 4 years ago. I have a lot of family out of state that isn’t able to be apart of my daily life with my kids.. so I started a Family Website.  Shortly after I started that, the website got shut down. So after a little bit of research I found out about the whole world of blogging!! So I then decided to do a family blog, dedicated to all things to do with my family… the ups and the downs.   Then after reading a few more blogs I got the motivation to start a “diary” of sorts. Where I talked about being a single mom, dating, guy issues, girl issues and sex.  In 2010 I decided to buy a domain name and merge all my blogs together… and now we have!! J

So why do I blog now??
I guess its for a whole bunch of different reason. Mainly I guess cuz some days I just feel this need to write. Even it ifs about absolutely nothing.. I just feel this desire or need to type something out… almost like an addiction. Lol. I crave feeling the keyboard under my fingers… the click click click as I type my thoughts on to the screen, sometimes not even knowing whats going to come out of the words that I am writing. Lol.   Sometimes I feel God calling me to write about something in my life… I have been thru a few different things and have managed to get thru them all.. from being $20,000 in debt, being a single mom,  being cheated on, dealing with an ex drug addict/ alcoholic, being hit, being emotionally abused and a lot more…  that I feel like sometimes I need to get my story out there… just so maybe.. just maybe someone else won’t feel like they are alone with whatever it is that they are going through.  I also use my blog as a way of documenting my life and my kids life.  I have the first few years printed out and plan on doing the rest eventually and have it all in a binder. That way I can go back and see where I was at a cetain time of my life. Where my mindset was at, what kids were doing etc…   I also do this as a relief. I feel better after I type up a blog post.  It’s a stress reliever.. even if what I am writing about isn’t what is stressing me out at that moment.  
I love blogging. I love writing.  I love the people that I have “met” thru this and the other people that I have come to know thru their blogs.  I think this is an awesome way of expressing yourself and putting yourself out there for others to get to know. I am a very shy and reserved person… so this is my outlet. This is my way of letting go where I feel like I can’t in real life.  This is my sanity at times.

Blessings N Love
Overthinking Mama.

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  1. You wrote that beautifully. I think thats how all bloggers feel. Thank you for sharing and keep doing what your doing.


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