Friday, December 10, 2010

Realization Friday

I’ve come to realize:

~ I hate computers sometimes… at least when there is an issue with it and I can’t fix it.

~ that my memory doesn’t remember things like I wish it could (like this list that I typed up this morning but it got deleted when my computer froze up and I had to restart it. ggrr.

~ there are some people in life… you just don’t need to see or deal with on a regular basis

~ and that sometimes it takes just seeing them for a few minutes to remind you that you really don’t care to see them very often

~ that the sun will come out tomorrow… somewhere.

~ that I should never leave a room with food on my kitchen counter.. because my dog will get up there and eat it.

~ being a mom to a boy is hard!

~ being a mom period is hard.

~ that I have the greatest family in the world..

~ that I am so thankful to God for letting me meet my boyfriend..  I have been shown how a man should treat a woman..

~ God is good

~ that these aint what I had wrote the first time around… but are still good.

~ that I miss doing the realizations every Friday- I just wish that more people would snd me their realizations J

God Bless
Overthinking  Mama


  1. Mama (I do not know how else to address you) I am new to your blog but I would like to thank you. Realization Friday is a good thing and I needed to hear a good thing. God is good, indeed.


    - My daughter is a wonderful blessing.
    - There are those who still have faith in knowing that God's grace is sufficient.
    - I can be self-centered.
    - I, at times, take my wife for granted.

    I pray that this finds you well.


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