Thursday, December 16, 2010

its only Thursday

I started writing a post on Tuesday, but we were having so many stupid server/computer problems, I had to restart my computer and some how this post got erased… and the original was so good too. Ugh. 

That has just been my week.

I mean over all I can’t really complain. But it just seems like stupid little things that happen that just kinda make me stop and think… WTH!

This morning already…  I had to argue with my son- mind you is 8- that tomorrow is his last day of school till after New Years.  He kept telling me NO! he still has 3 days next week.  We went back and forth for about 5 minutes before I finally just said forget it. I am not arguing anymore.  
Than of course we were running late and I didn’t think I would make it down to his bus stop in time…  as we were backing up he seen the girl that rides the bus with him standing at the corner and he says “boom- see the bus aint here yet” oohh.. that irritated me. He has such a smart @$$ mouth on him.  I really wanted to turn around and smack him in the face.  Instead, I told him when he gets home tonite- he’s in his room.  

Yesterday.  Yesterday was just great.  I mean for most of the day it was alright… just long and slow.  Then I think I irritated two people. My sis and my son’s father.  I chose not to deal with them completely… I just didn’t have it in me.  

I mean over all this week hasn’t been bad… its just been stupid little things to irriate me.. and honestly they were that little that I don’t even remember what they were about…

OH one big thing that has been irritating me… MY BLOG. I have an app on my phone to do blog post directly from my phone…  Yea. Since Saturday… all but one post DID NOT POST!!  Ugh. So annoying. 

Any who… tomorrow’s Friday!!! YAY!!!

Make sure you email me your realizations for tomorrow’s post!!

ps...also make sure you check out my contest in the previous post!! 

God Bless
Overthinking Mama 


  1. Take a deep breath! You'll need it when ya have to tell him he has to go back to school!


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